The new 2018 M5 Motorsport ABS system is a leap forward in ABS performance and adaptability for all racing applications.

Bosch Motorsport M5 ABS is available in 3 variants:

  1. ABS M5 Club Sport
  2. ABS M5 Kit 1
  3. ABS M5 Kit 2

All 3 variants include the required wiring harness, with the club using a basic club level harness, Kit 1 and Kit 2 come with a bespoke mil-spec build quality loom.

All of the new M5 systems feature the following updates over the existing M4 ABS Systems:

  1. Rear brake pressure sensor included for improved rear axle control
  2. Calculation of and display (via CAN) of optimal brake balance
  3. Elimination of the brake light switch input for ease of installation and better performance
  4. Improved hardware for improved wheel slip control
  5. Enhanced CAN Communication templates with more information
  6. “Pass Through” TTL Speed outputs for ease of integration with any ECU

The M5 Kit 1 adds the following to the above features

  1. Enhanced brake performance due to:
    • Lateral Slip Tuning-better trail braking performance
    • Corner inside wheel tuning-better inside wheel control and response
    • Downforce slip table tuning-more adaptability for cars that have significant downforce levels
  2. 12 Position switch for various slip settings-adjustable by the driver
  3. Mil Spec Wiring Harness with standard connectors on wheel speed sensors

The M5 Kit 2 adds the following to the above features:

  1. Wheel speed sensors and loom are fitted with Deutsch Autosport connectors.


F 02U V05 290-01 ABS M5 Kit 2 (AS Connectors) $10,250
F 02U V05 289-01 ABS M5 Kit 1 (Production Connectors)  $9,250
F 02U V05 292-01 ABS M5 Kit ClubSport  1MB CAN Rate DF11I Wheel speed sensors $7,000
F 02U V05 294-01 ABS M5 Kit ClubSport 1MB CAN Rate DF11S Wheel speed sensors $7,000
F 02U V05 295-01 ABS M5 Kit ClubSport 500K CAN Rate DF11V Wheel speed sensors $7,000-Avail 4/2018
F 02U V05 296-01 ABS M5 Kit ClubSport 1MB CAN Rate DF11V Wheel speed sensors $7,000-Avail 4/2018

All Bosch ABS Systems include configuration software but require the Bosch MSA II Communications cable for configuration and brake bleeding (PN F02U.V00.327-02) Cost: $970.00

ABS M5 Clubsport Information Sheet

ABS M5 Kit 1 &2 Information Sheet

ABS M5 CAN Protocol Information Sheet

Note: All Bosch Motorsport ABS systems are for competition use only, and are NOT legal on public roads.